What is Virtual World?

In the outline given to us for setting up our blogs, we are given some questions to answer because “new blogs are always a bit sad looking” πŸ™‚ . I may or may not get a bit of help from Google because virtual environments are a completely new thing to me πŸ˜€ . So, here goes!!!

What is Virtual World?

It is a computer based online community virtual environment that is used to interact with people from everywhere and anywhere in a custom built world. These days it is usually in 3D, people interact using avatars, which they can design and customize themselves to fit there virtual “alter-ego” most of the time. Users can control these avatars usually via keyboard or mouse. Virtual worlds started off being solely for entertainment and social media purposes. However, nowadays it is branching out to be a very useful tool for businesses. It is a cheaper alternative to meeting and discussing business with international customers, suppliers, business partners, etc.


What is interesting to me about virtual worlds?

I haven’t really had much experience with virtual worlds. The Sims and League of Legends are probably the closest experiences I’ve had to it. I have always been interested in the virtual side of IT because it is such a new and amazing technology! Throughout my first year doing the BIT I came across things like Oculus Rift which was in the ITC class given to us by Clare. Immediately I became fascinated with all the possibilities and capabilities now available freely to anyone with an internet connection. Discovering Second Life for the first time yesterday confirmed my fascination with everything “virtual”. Even though I had a hard time doing simple things, I loved the whole experience of it all. Me and my classmate Ange had a little play after class yesterday and it was such an awesome, awesome experience, chatting with her and our tutor Isa. Visiting different places with them and meeting new people. I found myself looking away from my screen after what seemed like not long at all, to discover it had been hours!

How important do you think virtual worlds are now?

I think over time virtual worlds have become more and more important on a business level. You just have to imagine the amount of money a big international business will spend flying their staff to and from different countries all over the world. Yeah, A LOT of money!!! Virtual worlds allows these businesses to have a some what similar experience for barely any cost at all (if they choose to purchase land in a virtual world).

I do believe that virtual worlds have always been important on a social media, entertainment level to certain people (it’s not everyones cup of tea). The ability to escape reality for awhile and be whoever you want to be. I think that it is a sort of stress relief or some form of happiness to some who can’t find or have trouble finding it in the real world. It provides them with an opportunity to fulfill their life desires that they are otherwise unable to in the real world.

How important do you think virtual worlds will be in 5-10 years?

Seeing the way the importance of virtual worlds is growing today, I can barely imagine what it would be like 5-10 years from now! I do highly believe that virtual worlds will be used for almost everything it could possibly be used for and more. It is such a convenient (and we’re all about convenience) way to accomplish otherwise expensive and time consuming tasks. With technology like the Oculus Rift and Holo Lens already on the go, with the intention of making them (I suppose) another form of household console. Really, the possibility of virtual worlds are endless, this is why it is difficult for me to even imagine how important they will be because they already are! On both a business and entertainment level it’s definitely only going to keep getting bigger and better from here!

I have only had one MUV601 class but I am already amped and ready for more!!! Bring on class number two tomorrow!!! πŸ˜€


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