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MUVE Assignment Location One – The History of the Vehicle in Second Life

the evolution location

The History of the Vehicle in Second Life

“The History of the Vehicle in Second Life features over 130 vehicles from 50 creators. This showcase has something for everyone; cars, bikes trucks and more. Wander around and view the whimsical side of vehicle building, snag information about racing, listen to tribute concerts and live DJ’s, or just relax in a gazebo. The event runs through May. See the evolution of vehicles from prim to mesh.”

First impressions are WOW! Not only is this location massive, it is packed with all kinds of different vehicle designs! Pretty much every single vehicle you could imagine, they are everywhere!! The location is made up of a Museum and a huge amount of displays of different vehicles all over the place, it took me a long time to explore the whole location!

The whole location is pretty much a massive, massive museum about the evolution of car building in Second Life and it is incredibly interesting and amazing! It’s a place for avatars to come and not only experience how far building in Second Life has come, but they also offer live concerts, racing, competitions, ability for users to advertise their SL business and designs, and all kinds of different car related events. Also provides a location for all different kinds of avatars to socialize.

event location

The first thing you see, upon arriving to this location is a medium sized room with police telephone boxes as teleportation devices, that take you to the exhibit.

exhibit teleport location

Once at the exhibit I became rather overwhelmed, I didn’t know where to start there are so many awesome things to look at. I was the only avatar there at the time, it would be awesome to see the location when it is packed filled with people. The first thing I saw was the Museum of Vehicle History, inside was different exhibits of vehicles made in a number of ways. All the vehicles in this area of the exhibit are all unique, and represent some of the finest examples of vehicles from 2005 to 2009, before sculpted prims became the norm.

museum of vehicle history location

Texture and prim vehicles
The first vehicles were made from flat prims with textures on them, and placed in a specific way that gave the illusion of a vehicle. Due to limitations, vehicle builders became more imaginative.

texture and prim location

Vehicles made in 2003

These vehicles were built around the time the physics engine was introduced into SL. Beforehand vehicles would not move very far. It is beyond amazing when we consider how far the vehicle has come in SL!

2003 vehicles location

Sculpty vehicles

In 2009 vehicle building was forever changed by sculpty shapes, they could now have sharper definition and create more complex shapes. The vehicles in this exhibit are excellent examples of creativity and imagination of vehicle builders who worked in sculpted prims. Many were used in actual SL racing.

sculpted vehicles location

Just outside the Museum there is a line of cars, “The Evolution”. Ranging from Bethillac Impala MK1 2007 to the Bethillac Impala MK5 2011. Lists how each one has improved over the years. (There were too many to get pictures of them all, I got pictures of the first and last one).

impala location
impala last location

There are way too many outside exhibits to put pictures of them all, I will put a couple of them up. There was the Celebrity tribute exhibit (which my laptop had trouble loading because there were so many) and present day vehicles.

celebrity tributes location
present day vehicles location

This location also provides the opportunity for users to advertise their vehicle designs and businesses.

advertised vehicles location
iconic advertising location

There are an incredible amount of different locations available to teleport to in Second Life. How do you choose one out of thousands? Editors picks ;-). I chose this location because it was in the editors picks, there is bound to be only good things if the editor picked them! I also had never seen an actual car build on Second Life, so I figured it would be interesting and it did not disappoint!!

ute waterfall location

I have definitely (in my short time) on Second Life never come across another location like this one. It is to put simply, astounding! Not only what some incredibly talented people can do on Second Life, but also how far the designing abilities have come over the past few years. I mean where on earth and Second Life would you be able to see funny, unique and awesome designs like these!

The Batmobiles (my favorite)

batmobiles location

Roach Coach (this one just made me laugh)
bong vehicle location

Santas sleigh and the Flintstones vehicle
sleigh and flinstones vehicles location

Little words can describe how awesome this location is to visit and explore! Definitely one of the best I have been to on Second Life, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in seeing just how amazingly talented some Second Life builders really are, and how far they have come. I can’t even begin to imagine what it takes to run a location like this, not only is it MASSIVE but it is also packed filled with vehicle designs, scenic features and a museum.

statistics location

These were the statistics I had when in the location. As you can see there is 16,267 objects in the location and 140 of them are active. The location is running 1004 active scripts and running script events 480eps.

I enthusiastically recommend this location to anyone who loves Second Life, it is a truly amazing thing to see while you can!!