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MUVE Assignment Location Two – Pravatch

location again


“Explore life at the bottom of the ocean at this simple yet enchanting tropical reef. Schools of colorful fish swim by you and the bright and sparkly coral formations make for great picture spots”.

I chose this location because it was in the “what’s hot now” category and I thought it was a very beautiful idea to create a whole world underwater. I was right, it is a very enchanting and beautiful location to visit. My laptop did struggle a lot to run this location, it is very laggy for me but still very, very cool! It’s pretty crazily awesome to be walking around with fish swimming around and underwater plant life lighting up in different colors and moving around. It is a little scary, really!


There isn’t really anything specifically avatars do here, just take it all in, the whole design, every little detail of everything that has been created in this world. Definitely a beautiful place to socialize with friends or take someone special. It is not like this (the pictures above) throughout the whole location, this is just the best part of it. From what I saw the rest of the location is a bit of a barren wasteland that I didn’t want to venture further into (the scary part).

barren wasteland

It is a very pretty and amazing build, the detail, the way objects have been placed. It feels and looks so real, this person obviously knows a thing or two about the bottom of the ocean and took great care into even the smallest details of this location.

location statistics

These were the statistics from the location, there were different areas of the whole location, but it was just barren wasteland for what seemed like forever. I got statistics from different areas, they were more or less the same. I just didn’t want to get myself or any readers confused, so I chose the statistics from the best part of this location (the part I am showing). There are 10,902 objects and 442 of them are active. There are 4672 scripts that are active and they are running at 98.91%, script events running 1003 eps. There is a lot more scripting in this location than there was in my first location.

jellyfish location

This location is like no others, it’s pretty obvious because this location is underwater!! That is why I chose this location because of the sheer beauty and uniqueness. Just walking around taking it all in, almost believing you are at the bottom of the ocean with the fish, jellyfish and beautiful plant life. I have been to quite a few locations in Second Life (not that many) but I feel safe saying that this location is one of a kind. I would have never of thought someone would have the innovation to make a world underwater, where else can you experience something so amazing? This location does take a lot of scripting to run, and computers like my laptop aren’t able to run it as it should be but it is totally worth it! There isn’t a whole lot in this location really, it is just packed filled with detail in such a small area. I love the water and swimming, this just took it to a whole other level for me 😀 this is definitely one of my favorite locations ever!


If you love the ocean or just want to see something beautifully made, check Pravatch out! 😀